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Asia 'The Taste of Passion' The joss sticks lit for the household shrines in Thailand impart a sweet perfume to the thick air. The heavenly aroma of Indian spices follows you for days.This is a spiritual place infused with the gods of past and present: the ancient spirits of the land and the family, the deities of Buddhism and Hinduism and the rules of Islam. Architectural wonders and sacred spaces abound from the Great Wall of China and the temples of Angkor to lesser known marvels in Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan.From sublime coastlines to snow capped mountains, rolling landscapes fed by the monsoon rains and frenetic cities fizzling with energy, Asia’s landscapes are mind-boggling diverse. As are their highlights from trekking Malaysia’s steamy jungles and wildlife spotting in southern India to riding horses through the Mongolian steppes, skiing Japan’s Alps and dodging falling coconuts on of the continents many remote islands.Then there’s the food. Tuck into fiery Indian curries, get adventurous with a local dish from a road side stall and gulp down a hearty bowl of Japanese ramen. With its colours, smells, flavours and personalities, you’ll find Asia is deliciously rewarding.


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