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About Zimbabwe
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The country’s largest airline, flies between Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls.Train services are available throughout Zimbabwe including between Harare and Mutare; Harare and Bulawayo; Bulawayo and Lobatse; Bulawayo and Victoria Falls; and Bulawayo and Chiredzi.There is a range of bus services throughout Zimbabwe. Blue Arrow Luxury Coaches connects the main cities, Harare to Bulawayo via Kwekwe for example. Zimbabwe Omnibus Company also offers services.Car rental is also available.Elections in 2008 saw the Opposition Movement for Democratic Change win the majority in parliament and then, in September, successfully negotiate a power-sharing arrangement between President Mugabe and MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Sadly, since then, this agreement has constantly teetered on the brink of collapse. The ‘breadbasket of Africa’ is fast becoming a failed state. Millions of people are dependent on food aid, unemployment hovers around 80%, the inflation rate now stands at over 200,000,000% and many Zimbabweans, often the better educated, have been forced to flee. As if life couldn’t get any more difficult, a cholera outbreak that began in late 2008 has claimed thousands of victims and continues to worsen, spreading into surrounding countries.Home to the wondrous Victoria Falls, grand wildlife preserves and medieval ruins, it is no wonder that Zimbabwe was for years one of the most popular destinations in Africa. Today, though, political turmoil across the country has made many travellers wary of booking flights to Zimbabwe and those who do continue to travel should remain alert to potential trouble.The main tourist areas and national parks, however, remain largely unaffected by the political troubles and the sights on offer here are awe-inspiring.

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