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Cheap flights by Cheap flight house specialist in UK discount air fares
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Accra from 539
Lagos from 529
Harare from 729
Nairobi from 559
Bulawayo from 939
Johannesburg from 579
Cape Town from 650
Lusaka from 600
Abuja from 545
Durban from 676
Bangkok from 538
Beijing from 599
Tokyo from 639
Phuket from 570
Islamabad from 600
Manila from 679
Kuala Lumpur from 669
Kathmandu from 679
Shanghai from 549
Doha from 529
Paris from 520
Rome from 554
Berlin from 539
Madrid from 559
Budapest from 595
Prague from 565
Belgrade from 530
Oslo from 590
Amsterdam from 490
Athens from 563
Washington from 583
Chicago from 676
Charlotte from 646
Boston from 519
San pedro sula from 676
San Jose from 832
Calgary from 724
Toronto from 567
Bridgetown from 806
Nassau from 773
Rio de Janeiro from 629
Santiago from 849
Bogota from 785
Buenos Aires from 641
Quito from 853
Asuncion from 912
kilimanjaro from 630
Kingston from 972
La Paz from 978
Caracas from 523
Sydney from 610
Perth from 760
Melbourne from 610
Adelaide from 828
Auckland from 676
Cairns from 828
Brisbane from 827
Canberra from 762
Darwin from 828
Christchurch from 975
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